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Services we offer you.

We want to share how passionate we are about new technologies and solving problems. Bringing new products to the market is our specialty. Here are some services we offer to help you achieve your goals.

1. Consulting

It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet. We’ll be happy to share our experience and knowledge so that we can create ideas together. This saves you time, money and nerves in the long run.

2. Idea development

Everything we know, we learned the hard way. Let us share some of the potential pitfalls with you so that you can avoid them.

3. Project management

We want to guide you every step of the way and make building products a fun and relaxing process. Or we can simply do it instead of you.

4. UX & UI Design

Your product has to work perfectly but it also needs to look nice. Using some of the latest UX/UI methods, we will help you achieve this.

5. Web development

Whatever comes to your mind regarding web development, you name it. Front-end, Back-end, Databases, e-commerce, SaaS, SPA – we’ve got you covered!

6. Quality Assurance

We know what it feels like when a product doesn’t work. The frustration is insane. Let us help test and fix your product so that your customers never feel this way.

7. Maintenance

You think you can get rid of us easily? Too bad, we’re not leaving. We can help you with security maintenance, DevOps, System Administration and even content creation in case you hit a creative block.

8. CyberSecurity

Navigating the cyber world can be risky, but you’re not alone. We provide a robust shield for your digital assets, offering intrusion detection, network security, and data protection. Our expertise ensures your systems are resilient, keeping your mind at ease. In the ever-changing realm of cyber threats, we are your unwavering allies.

Projects we loved working on.

Taraba team is very curious and ready to work with clients from different fields and industries. So far, we have helped businesses, NGOs, individuals, and institutions present their work in the best possible way. Take a look at some of them.

Founder of Taraba.

Milomir Dragović

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Although I've been working as a developer for years, I always used the Cyrillic alphabet for everything except for coding. People often wondered how I didn't mind changing the keyboard all the time, why I insisted on the Cyrillic alphabet so much, and whether I was one of those infamous 'patriots'.

I always felt I had to choose between tradition and modernization, between being stuck in one place and progressing. All of the companies I encountered were called IT, Digital Tech, Hype, Media, Pro and resembled one another. This inspired me to create a unique brand that would stay up to date with all modern trends, yet remain proud of its origin.

One of the symbols I often use in work is #. In programming, # is often a part of the code, whereas on social media this is known as a hashtag. To all of us who remember the old landline phones, this symbol represents 'taraba', one of the buttons we used to play games on TV. However, 'taraba' has another meaning in our society. It represents an old wooden fence that people used to lean over and chat; a common place for meeting and socializing. This symbolism inspired me to create a company and name it Taraba.

It was envisioned as a place in which everyone who shares the same values feels welcomed, regardless of their similarities or differences. Taraba is a place where we all learn about new technologies together, without forgetting who we are and where we came from.

Taraba team leads.

Meet our team leaders. They are always there for the members of their teams, as well as for our clients. You will talk to them first, when you come to the area of their activities in cooperation with us.


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