Case Study Show 2022. - powered by Oakly


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author: Taraba

Case Study Show 2022. - powered by Oakly

Oakly is back as one of the main sponsors of the Case Study Show this year. The Case Study show is one of Oakly's biggest sponsorships, and it's clear that they're passionate about making it a success. This year's show is sure to be just as amazing as always, thanks in part to Oakly's support. Be sure to check it out!

Case Study Show is a project organized by ESTIEM LG Belgrade with the longest tradition in their group and a project that brings together the largest number of participants. In order for students to adapt to the corporate world, the Case Study Show project was formed, which enables students to acquire the necessary skills to enter the labor market through education and solving case studies. The importance of this project is reflected in the fact that it is being organized for the 16th year in a row and that it is the largest project at the University of Belgrade by which their organization has become recognizable.

We weren’t just sponsors, we also participated in the Meet Up section of the event. More than 50 students had a chance to learn about our company and to ask whatever they found interesting. The results are great, we have numerous CVs submitted for our internships. If you want to join us too, be sure to check out our open positions.

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