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Taraba Portal

Client: Our Product

Project Type: Media platform CMS & eCommerce

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Services: Consulting, Idea Development, Project Management, UX & UI Design, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Maintenance

Taraba Portal

Taraba Portal in an innovative way unites several different sites with the same mission, thus connecting all contents.

Our Solution:

Another product proudly developed in-house, is a vibrant hub designed to celebrate and promote Serbian culture. It is an combination of multiple websites integrated into one dynamic platform.

The platform houses:

Podcasts: Engage with thought-provoking podcasts that dive into various aspects of Serbian culture.

Glossary: A comprehensive glossary offering in-depth information about unique Serbian terms, phrases, and concepts.

Magazine: An online magazine packed with captivating articles exploring the beauty and depth of Serbian traditions.

E-commerce: A marketplace where you can purchase a plethora of Serbian cultural products.