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Anti Corona Zone

Client: Community project

Project Type: Social Activism

Engagement Model: Technology Partner

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Services: Consulting, Idea Development, Project Management, UX & UI Design, Web Development, Quality Assurrence, Maintenance

Anti Corona Zone

Online gatherings, workshops, trainings, yoga and much more.


One of the primary hurdles we faced was the need for swift development and deployment of a fully operational platform. Despite not having a predefined timeline, the urgency of the situation demanded rapid action to address the pressing need for social interaction and engagement amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. This required us to work with remarkable speed and agility to ensure the platform was up and running as quickly as possible, allowing us to provide a lifeline of interaction and activity for those grappling with the isolation of lockdown.

Our Solution:

Partnering with the dynamic team at Anti Corona Zone was an enriching experience. Their vibrant energy and commitment to public service were infectious, inspiring us to channel their positivity into a technologically adept solution.

The goal of this project was to provide a lifeline of interaction and activity for people grappling with the isolation of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic. This challenge called for a delicate blend of technology and empathy, resulting in a platform designed not only for engagement, but also for upliftment during trying times.