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Client: Lifestyle magazin La Vie De Luxe

Project Type: Community Portal

Engagement Model: Technology Partner

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Services: Web Development, Quality Assurrence, Maintenance



Our primary focus was on ensuring that the website provided a seamless and immersive reading experience reminiscent of flipping through the glossy pages of a high-end magazine. This required us to devote significant time and effort to crafting elegant layouts, intuitive navigation, and engaging content presentation that resonated with the magazine's affluent audience.

Our Solution:

To address this challenge, we concentrated on refining the UX aspects of the blog to evoke the luxurious aesthetic of La Vie De Lux magazine without overwhelming the user with excessive visual embellishments. We collaborated closely with the editorial team to streamline content delivery and enhance readability, emphasizing clean and minimalist design elements that accentuated the sophistication of the magazine's brand.