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Client: Kronologic

Project Type: AI Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)

Engagement Model: Dedicated Team

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Services: Quality Assurrence


Kronologic is an artificial intelligence (AI) - enabled scheduling software designed to help sales, customer success, and marketing businesses handle meetings, appointments, clients, leads, revenue, and more.


Kronologic, an AI-enabled scheduling software provider, sought assistance with creating a robust and effective quality assurance system.

They needed a dedicated team to handle various facets of QA, including release management, automation testing, manual testing, and performance testing.

Our Solution:

We assembled a tailored team from scratch, carefully choosing each member to align with Kronologic's unique requirements.

Release Management & Testing: We expertly handled software releases and implemented a blend of automated and manual testing.

Performance Enhancement: Our performance testing ensured thatthe software operates optimally under varying load conditions.

As a direct outcome, Kronologic now delivers a top-notch, highly efficient scheduling solution, reinforcing their standing in the AI-driven
scheduling market.



"Speaking as the CEO of Kronologic, I had the pleasure of working with the Taraba QA team.


As any tech start-up would, we faced challenges delivering high-quality tech quickly. In our search for a long-term partner that shared our vision and tolerance for product perfection, the Taraba team emerged as an ideal choice. I am particularly impressed by their technical proficiency, adaptability, and attention to detail.

The different time zones, languages, and cultures were never a barrier; the time zone difference proved advantageous, and the universal language of software engineering bridged any cultural or linguistic gaps. Taraba truly felt like an extension of our team, and their professionalism in handling challenges, especially in the QA process, ensured I never had to dedicate unnecessary worry.


The role of a QA team is to act as a gatekeeper, maintaining the standard and ensuring excellence. Taraba excelled in this regard, tactfully and effectively communicating when standards were met and when they weren't. Their approach was impeccable in all our endeavors, from onboarding to tackling technical challenges.


I never had to second guess our QA process; it was always in the best hands. I can't recommend the Taraba team enough to anyone considering a QA team, especially an offshore one. In this business and any future ventures, I will always equate QA with Taraba."

Ben Parker

Ben Parker,

CEO @ Kronologic