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Peđa Ristić

Client: Peđa Ristić

Project Type: E-commerce for books

Engagement Model: Technology Partner

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Services: Consulting, Idea Development, Project Management, UX & UI Design, Web Development, Quality Assurrence, Maintenance

Peđa Ristić


One significant challenge we encountered during the project was optimizing the website's performance to handle fluctuations in traffic volume, particularly during promotional events or book launches. This required meticulous planning and implementation of scalable infrastructure and caching mechanisms to mitigate the risk of downtime or slow loading times. Additionally, integrating inventory management systems posed a challenge due to the diverse nature of book formats and editions. We addressed this by developing custom solutions for inventory tracking and synchronization, ensuring accurate stock levels and timely updates across the platform.

Our Solution:

To meet the client's requirements for an e-commerce platform tailored for books, we employed a comprehensive technology stack comprising robust frameworks and tools. We developed a user-friendly website with intuitive navigation and seamless integration of features, allowing Pedja to showcase his curated collection effectively. Utilizing responsive design principles, we ensured that the platform offered an optimal viewing experience across various devices, thereby enhancing accessibility for potential customers. Additionally, we implemented secure payment gateways to facilitate smooth transactions, prioritizing user trust and data protection.