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Client: PlusPlus, Inc.

Project Type: SAAS Client Project

Engagement Model: Dedicated Team

Location: San Francisco, USA

Services: Quality Assurrence


PlusPlus is the team enablement platform for enterprise companies, empowering program managers to effortlessly build and deploy complex programs at scale and with ease.


PlusPlus needed a dedicated QA team to ensure their platform's seamless operation. They required help with manual testing, developing test strategies, and creating comprehensive test plans and cases.

Our Solution:

Quality Assurance Team Setup: We assembled a dedicated QA team, aligned with PlusPlus's unique requirements.

Test Strategy & Planning: We devised a comprehensive test strategy and plan, ensuring all facets of the platform were thoroughly evaluated.

Manual Testing & Test Case Creation: Through meticulous manual testing and custom test case creation, we ensured the PlusPlus platform functioned flawlessly.

Through our collaborative efforts, PlusPlus now boasts a robust and highly reliable team enablement platform, further empowering their clients' program managers to efficiently deploy complex programs at scale.