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Primary School Sveti Sava

Client: Primary School Sveti Sava

Project Type: Community project

Engagement Model: Technology Partner

Location: Čačak, Serbia

Services: Consulting, Idea Development, Project Management, UX & UI Design, Web Development, Quality Assurrence, Maintenance

Primary School Sveti Sava

At Primary School Sveti Sava, successes and achievements are celebrated daily! With a rich history and a tradition of excellence, our founder's school is a beacon of accomplishment in the community.


One of the primary challenges we encountered during the project was effectively communicating the successes, results and daily news of Primary School Sveti Sava to a broader audience. While the school had notable achievements, including academic milestones, extracurricular accomplishments, and community involvement, there was a need to showcase these achievements in a compelling and accessible manner. Additionally, addressing the diverse communication preferences and technological literacy levels of the school's stakeholders, including parents, students, and staff, posed a challenge in terms of content dissemination and engagement.

Our Solution:

To address this challenge, we implemented a comprehensive communication strategy leveraging various technological tools. We developed a user-friendly website for Primary School Sveti Sava, featuring dedicated sections highlighting academic achievements, student projects, extracurricular activities, and community initiatives. Through engaging multimedia content such as videos, photos, and testimonials, we effectively showcased the school's successes and results to a wider audience.