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Client: Sim Lab Poliklinika

Project Type: Marketing website

Engagement Model: Technology Partner

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Services: Consulting, UX & UI Design, Web Development, Quality Assurrence


Sim Lab Polyclinic offers comprehensive healthcare services beyond traditional laboratory diagnostics. With a focus on patient-centered care, this facility provides a wide range of medical consultations, diagnostic tests, and specialized treatments.


Effectively communicating Sim Lab Polyclinic's comprehensive range of services on their marketing website posed a significant challenge. With diverse offerings beyond laboratory services, including diagnostic tests and specialized treatments, clarity and conciseness were essential. Navigating the needs of different website users, such as patients and healthcare professionals, also presented a challenge in content organization.

Our Solution:

We crafted a user-centric marketing website, collaborating closely with Sim Lab Polyclinic. Through research-driven content and intuitive design, we ensured easy access to information on services, specialties, and medical procedures. Interactive features like appointment scheduling were integrated to engage users. Optimization for search engines enhanced online visibility, attracting new clientele.