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Beyond Empowering

Project Type: Клијентски пројекат

Услуге: Саветовање, Развој идеје, Управљање пројектима, UX & UI дизајн, Веб развој, Квалитетно осигурање, Одржавање

Beyond Empowering


Over the past few months, I've collaborated with Milomir Dragović from Taraba in designing our new website. If I had to choose one word, it would be professionalism.

Milomir is a person who undoubtedly knows how to listen and translate words into brilliant design solutions. He is indeed someone who understands the meaning of user experience, as well as client experience.

If you need a website, you know who your go-to person is!

Venesa Musović

Venesa Musović,

Program Coordinator @ Beyond Empowering