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Project Type: Клијентски пројекат

Услуге: Управљање пројектима, Веб развој, Квалитетно осигурање



"Working with Taraba was a great experience, I will talk a bit about it on two topics which are professionalism and social.


First, professionally, we are a graphic design studio from Switzerland, and we focus our work on type and editorial design. We asked Taraba to help us create our website, mainly showing our work and selling our typeface and books. That was the first time we made a website and webshop like that, which was way bigger than anything we could expect.


Fortunately, Milomir was full of great advice and competencies to fulfill our wishes. The work he has done is sharp and accurate, considering the complexity of the website we asked for, and we are very grateful and more than happy with the result.


Socially, we are also really grateful for the understanding and patience of the Taraba team. As explained before, this was the very first time we worked on such a complex website; therefore, I must admit we were a little messy and not that well organized for everything we needed to do.


Thank Milomir, Borivoje, and others from the Taraba team for their excellent understanding, patience, and sympathy. We can only warmly recommend working with them; they will satisfy you much more than you can expect. Once again, we thank warmly Milomir, who we consider a good friend."

Raphael Picard

Raphael Picard,

Cofounder @ Quadraat