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Fonboarding 2023: Welcoming the Next Generation of Talent to Our Company

Fonboarding 2023: Welcoming the Next Generation of Talent to Our Company

2 minute reading 24.10.2023.

From October 9th to 10th, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences brought together prominent national and regional companies for the significant corporate event, FONBOARDING.
Held at the new FON building, the event featured strategic partner presentations, panel discussions focused on the challenges of graduate profiles in today's business landscape, job interview simulations, and a real-world business case competition.

Our company had the opportunity to meet students and future colleagues, hear their goals and wishes and offer internships and career positions. Our director, Milomir, participated in the panel discussion "Generation Z in the working environment".

To build a bridge between our company and Gen Z, we are committed to:

  1. Digital Fluency: Gen Z thrives in the digital realm, and we understand the importance of staying current. Our company is dedicated to fostering a digital-friendly work environment, offering the latest tools and technologies.
  2. Open Communication: We value Gen Z's desire for open and transparent communication. This generation is known for its willingness to voice opinions and engage in meaningful conversations. We encourage open dialogues and feedback, ensuring everyone's voice is heard.
  3. Professional Development: We recognize Gen Z's hunger for growth and development. Our organization provides ample opportunities for skill enhancement and career progression, ensuring that Gen Z talent can thrive.
  4. Adaptability: Gen Z is known for its adaptability and willingness to embrace change. We welcome these qualities and strive to keep our company agile and responsive to evolving industry trends.

By aligning our values and practices with the expectations of Gen Z, we are committed to not only welcoming them into our company but also creating a work environment where they can flourish and contribute their unique talents.

Opportunities for Future Talent

As we've introduced these exciting career opportunities - front-end interns, product managers, marketing assistants, and back-end interns - we're not just welcoming Gen Z to our company; we're providing them with a platform to shape their future and ours by co-working with their peers and mentors to have full support on their development journey.Each role we've opened is more than just a position; it's an invitation to contribute your skills, insights, and creativity to our shared journey. We are eager to see how these new team members will take our products to the next level, infuse fresh marketing perspectives, and strengthen our digital infrastructure.


As we look ahead, we are excited about the collaboration, the learning, and the collective achievements that await. We invite you to explore these opportunities and join us in shaping the future of our company. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements.
Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here's to an exciting and inclusive future together.

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