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We participated in Humanitarian CS:GO tournament 2022

We participated in Humanitarian CS:GO tournament 2022

1 minute reading 18.04.2022.

Humanitarian HIT CS:GO Tournament gathered more than 50 IT companies to invest their joint effort into creating something good for the community.

Compared to last year, this year’s cause is different but the rules were the same: gather your team, donate money, and book that epic weekend in April to have fun while helping others!

Only 2 persons from the team have ever played this game before, but we managed to install the game and learn commands. We weren't too optimistic about our gaming skills (which were proven at the tournament), but we were excited to participate! And we had a lot of fun in the office. :)  


Thank you to Quantox for recognizing such an important topic and organizing a humanitarian tournament to support childbirth centers across Serbia.

Our team: Jelena Šterijev, Minja Marčetić, Bojana Nikitović, Borivoje Škrbina, Marko Bajramoski, and Milomir Dragović.

If you want to have a good laugh, take a look at one of our games. :D Needless to say, if you know the game's name, you can be on our team next year. :) 


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